The latest denim fashion trend will it become popular in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is the biggest player in the European denim market. The Dutch love of denim knows no bounds. Adriano Goldschmied, one of the founders of Diesel, once strikingly described it this way in an interview with the NRC: “The Dutch have jeans in their blood. The Dutch love fashion, but they’re not fashion victims. Denim fits with their mindset”.

I’m not sure if I agree with the Dutch not being fashion victims. Just look at some the fashion trends in 2017 that were cloned en masse by the Dutch.

Exhibit A Camouflage coats

dutch fashion trend camouflage print


At one point last spring, living in Amsterdam was like being occupied by an invading army as hordes of people ran around wearing coats with camouflage prints. It was a blow for good taste but a victory for equality as men and women showed that they both lack taste and individuality when it came to the irresistible temptation of the camouflage print coat. Niet lekker!

Exhibit B Leopard Print

I’ve no idea who was responsible for the plague of leopard print that’s overtaken the Netherlands. Was it some Dutch Instagrammer with a huge following who perhaps posed for some photos wearing leopard print, then in true clone-like fashion hundreds of thousands of people rushed out to get their hands on ANYTHING with leopard print?

leopard print shoes


Zo geil!!!!!

Latest denim fashion trend

Of course, I could have included Addidas Stan’s or white sneakers in general as more exhibits of the fashion victim behaviour in the Netherlands but the real question is, in a country that adores denim even more than buying items with a “korting” or getting things gratis. Will this new denim fashion trend that is shown below take off here?


Will this be the next WTF moment on the streets of the Netherlands this summer?

Is this a rip too far or gewoon leuk? Can I expect to see hordes of clones running around Amsterdam with a straight face wearing these trendy stylish and creative jeans? What do you think? Join the discussion on my Facebook page.

No clones were hurt during the writing of this post