The Dutch and their love of denim

One of the first things that I noticed upon moving to Amsterdam was how almost everyone wears jeans. I’ve seen people wearing jeans at weddings, funerals, posh restaurants, in nice bars, clubs actually it’s difficult to think of an occasion where people don’t wear jeans. It’s as if a law has been passed insisting that people must wear jeans at all times during evenings and weekends.

When getting dressed for a night out, the thought process in the Netherlands appears to be, “which jeans shall I wear this evening?”
When out and about in Amsterdam looking at all the people in jeans it’s like the Valley of the clones. Why wear a nice jacket or designer blouse only to wear a pair of old jeans with them? I understand that most people cycle and it’s also a comfort and practical thing, but there are things other than jeans that can be worn. This is a plea to all the pretty young and not so young things going out in Amsterdam and elsewhere this evening, leave the jeans at home, just this once. Go on try it you know you can do it.