How to get rich in the Netherlands

1. Open a bakery
2. Invent a spread to put on bread

You may wonder why I suggest these two options. The Dutch are the largest consumers of bread and things to put on bread on planet earth and probably beyond. If you walk into any supermarket, you will see an entire aisle dedicated to all manner of things to add on to bread. The creativity on display here is amazing, chocolate or forest fruit flavoured flakes (really) Mexican, tomato cucumber and many other exotic acquired taste spreads.

The Dutch take their sandwich flavours seriously, go to the spread section of any supermarket and you’ll see flavour connoisseurs acting as if they are choosing fine wine in a Bordeaux vineyard. “Shall I choose peanut butter, chocolate flakes or a Mexican Heinz Sandwich spread?” Decisions, decisions. Forget investing in stocks, invent a sandwich spread with a flavour that no normal person would ever think of and sell it in the Netherlands, it will make you rich.



How to get rich in the Netherlands

Sandwich Spread