Rant of the day! The imaginary black friends of Zwarte Piet supporters

Once upon a time, there was a man named Piet, Zwarte Piet. He was loved by all kids throughout the Netherlands. Well, that’s not exactly 100% true because, in fact, the Dutch children’s ombudsman did some research which showed that the majority of minority children don’t enjoy the Sinterklaas period as much as their native counterparts. This was due to racist bullying from kids and sometimes even teachers calling minority kids Zwarte Piet.

Some of my best (imaginary) friends are black

Now of course if keeping the colour of a fictional character as black as possible is more important to you than the treatment of the children of minorities, then that is, of course, your right.  In fact, you might even go as far as to claim that being called ZP is a compliment as he’s a hero to kids.  Do you want to keep Zwarte Piet black? Doe maar! So be it, but please, I beg you stop pretending that your black friends have no problem at all with the classic, definitely not a negro, it’s soot, with afro hair and red lips version of Zwarte Piet. Of course, your black friends don’t have a problem with it. You don’t have any. What you have in fact are imaginary black friends. They exist purely in your head so that you can try and justify your racist rants on social media.

“Ik ken negers die helemaaaaal geen moeite hebben met zwarte piet!” No you don’t!


When I read the comments on Dutch social media about all these traditional Zwarte Piet loving people who also happen to have black friends who agree with them. You know who they remind me of?


Your black friends aren’t real.


No imaginary black friends were hurt during the writing of this rant!

imaginary black friends

“On my Tinder profile I wrote, no internationals, Dutch only!”