Shock survey results show that Dutch women work the least hours in Europe

I hope you’re sitting down while reading this as the Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau (SCP) has published results of a survey that shows that Dutch women work the least hours in Europe. Well, blow me over with a feather, what a surprise!

I married a Dutchmen and am shocked by how different things are here

Something to be proud of

The Dutch should be proud that they are the number one country in Europe in the following categories:

  • Nowhere else in Europe do women work so few hours as in the Netherlands
  • No other country has such a large gap between the hours worked by men and women. 37 hours for men with only 29 for women.

Hup hup Holland!

Dutch women

If you ain’t Dutch you work too much

It has nothing to do with the cost of childcare

Dutch women start working part-time at the beginning of their careers, even before having children. Dutch women work the least hours in Europe even up to the age of 25, where 63 percent of women work part-time.

What do women under the age of 25 do with all the free time?

So young Dutch women are indeed the European leaders of leisure. What do they do with all the free time I wonder?

Take up smoking

dutch women work the least hours in Europe

So nice to have so much free time


Go shopping

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So stressed from a two and a half day week. Time to relax


Why do so many Dutch women work part-time?

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