The 2017 Dutch Style guide

The Shallow Man recently attended an event thrown by one of the Netherlands top fashion guides, Style Today.   Over a million people visit that site, which is quite shocking, as I wouldn’t have thought that were so many people in the Netherlands interested in fashion. However, as soon as I took a look at the site and saw that they have articles such as DIT ZIJN DE TOP 15 SNEAKERS VAN DIT MOMENT! It’s popularity made perfect sense.

At the event, I spoke with Esmee van de witte Dorpje, the lady behind the popular Instagram fashion blog, ‘365 days in ripped jeans.’ She unfairly accused me of being overly critical of Dutch fashion, something that I vehemently disagree with. She asked me if she could correct some of the misconceptions that she believes I’ve spread about the way the Dutch dress. So being as wise as Solomon, (the football player) as fair as Simon Cowell, and as modest as Kanye West, how could I refuse her request?

Esmee will provide insights on what you can expect from Dutch fashion this year with the 2017 Dutch style guide.

The things I do for my readers!

About Esmee

Hoi! I’m Esmee van de witte Dorpje. You’ve probably heard of me already, but if by some slim chance you haven’t, I assume it’s because you’re new to Holland or like the Shallow Man know NOTHING about Dutch fashion. Otherwise, you’d have heard of me.  Ja zeker!

So three years ago I was sitting with my meijses in SLA, having an overpriced bowl of vegetable slop so bad that even a rabbit would throw itself in front of a tram rather than eat it, when my very best friend Anouk said to me, “Esmee, you always dress so good, why don’t you start an Instagram blog?” I was a little surprised as on the way there I’d fallen off my bike, and my jeans were ripped all over, and my blood scarred knees were on display as a result. “I love those jeans Esmee, are they from G-Star Bore? You really should take a selfie and put it on Instagram.” So I followed her advice and within minutes I had so many likes! The rest is, as they say, history.

The Dutch Style Guide Colors of 2017

Pastel Colors

Sadly, when it comes to colors, we Dutch girls usually dress to match the weather. Grey, drab and as dull as an episode of Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden. However, this season pastel colors are in.

Dutch style 2017 pastel colors

Obviously, for this look to work in the Netherlands, the heels need to be replaced with sneakers or Doctor Martin boots.

Below is another more extreme example of a pastel color combined with a leather skirt. Even though she’s Dutch, she’s not wearing sneakers or dangerously flat shoes. The look does work but would have been so much better if she’d remembered to simply doe normaal! A pair of Adidas Stan Smith’s would have complimented that skirt and top much better Evelina!


The use of more colors this season is great, but be aware however that it can be taken a little too far.


For men, waistcoats are back in fashion, so I hope to see more guys wearing this classic and elegant item of clothing.

Dutch style 2017 will include men wearing waistcoats

Always trust a man wearing a waistcoat

These are best matched with bright orange, green or red jeans. When it comes to using colors, Dutch men are years ahead of us girls.

red Dutch pants

Brightly colored jeans have long been worn by Dutch men

Leopard prints

Leopard skin prints look fabulous……on leopards. But why should they have all the fun? Inspired by the animal kingdom and the movie the Legend of Tarzan, leopard skin prints are a must-have for every fashion conscious woman this year. There are prints available for leggings, jackets, t-shirts, in fact for just about every item of clothing.


Denim and Leopard Skin Combo (Dutch special)

leopard print jeans

Especially for the Dutch market

Lie attractor boots

However, as with all things, this can be taken too far. These boots are called lie attractors, as the only possible thing to do if the wearers of such things ask for an opinion is to lie and say, “ja, je ziet er leuk uit.” (Yes they look good).

dutch style leopard skin boots

Lekker stylish in leopard print boots with thanks to


Dutch style guide return of the stripes

A lot of women wore striped dresses last summer. In fact, they even caused the end of a relationship I was having. I caught my ex-boyfriend kissing another woman at a party and he had the nerve to say, “Yes but Esmee she was wearing white sneakers, a striped dress, and she had her hair tied back in that bun style that all the meisjes wear, how was I supposed to know it wasn’t you?”

H&M sold so many striped dresses last year that they couldn’t make them fast enough. They eventually ran out of black ink so had to sell white dresses instead. This year, they won’t make the same mistake. Expect to see women in striped dresses everywhere this summer. Leuk!


dutch style guide recommends striped dress white sneakers

The holy trinity of Dutch spring summer clone fashion

Butt zipper jeans

As a popular Instagram blogger, I receive all my clothes for free. However, I would happily pay any amount to be seen in the new Levi-Vetements butt zipper range of jeans. They’re lekker sexy hoor!


Clothes that reflect what Holland is famous for

It’s natural that the fashion industry makes clothes using prints based on the things that Holland is most famous for. I’m not talking about XTC production, prostitution or bitterballen, I’m referring to flowers! Flower prints have a place in any Dutch style guide, along with denim hotpants as they are timeless, tasteful and gewoon leuk.

dutch style guide denim hotpants

Flowered tank top, denim hot pants and birkenstocks lekker trendy (In Holland)


The Shallow Man would like to thank

Esmee for sharing her Dutch style guide with my readers. I hope you learned something, I certainly have.

No leopards were hurt during the writing of this post.

Till next time, Hou je bek and drink your grass juice!