Leggings are definitely not pants!

The Shallow Man doesn’t have much in common with the rulers of  Qatar, a country that could be regarded as having some rules and punishments that are downright medieval. That aside, one thing I do agree with them on is the statement made in the dress code for the 2022 football world cup. It says quite clearly that leggings are NOT pants. This brings me to the subject of today’s post. Leggings are not pants.

The tyranny of leggings

The Shallow Man is happy that the weather has finally improved. The sun has been shining a lot and will do so for the next week, which is great. The downside of this is that many Dutch girls seem to think it’s fine to leave the house wearing leggings as pants. I have a distaste for shiny black leggings with bright white granny knickers. To complete this picture of modern Dutch eroticism, imagine that the lady in question then hops onto a scooter, which spreads her generously proportioned bottom even further into a mixture of black and white, like icing on the damaged cake of the Shallow Man’s worst nightmare.

Radlerhose Fotomodel Ina hinten

Now I’m off to the supermarket. Lekker hoor!

leggings are not pants

Anouk believes that transparency is important

The lovely Nancy Francis (fellow blogger) has some funny views on granny pants.

elegant panties

Worn underneath leggings in Holland this season copyright Nancy Francis.

Tracksuit bottoms are also not pants

When did tracksuits become acceptable casual wear? Used as I am to the often, shall we say, enlightened fashion choices made here, I’m still surprised to see adults wearing a casual top with tracksuit bottoms and trainers when out and about in Amsterdam. These people haven’t come straight from a fitness studio. In fact, I often see them in supermarkets or on trams with no gym bag in sight. I’m reminded of Vicky Pollard from Little Britain.

Black tights and hotpants

There’s a trend in Amsterdam of ladies wearing short shorts or hot pants when the sun shines. Doe maar! However, tiny hot pants worn with black tights, full of holes, or even better, fishnets, often make the wearers look cheaper than the fruit at Lidl. Such outfits are best worn at female wrestling contests.

Dutch lady brawl

Anouk, Noortje and Lieke fought like wrestlers over Jeroen

Based on the commonly seen outfits mentioned above, I can assume that the 2022 world cup will not have many Dutch female fans in attendance. However, who knows? by then, the Dutch and their taste in clothes might have improved, but I won’t hold my breath.

No ladies in hotpants with black tights full of holes were hurt during the writing of this post.

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