Amsterdam the most fashionable city in the world

Amsterdam has won the most fashionable city in the world award 2019. In doing so it has beaten close runners up Milan and London by winning all of the following categories:

1. Footwear women casual

The jury was pleased to see some bold and imaginative footwear being worn in Amsterdam.


2. Footwear male casual

The elegance of the footwear worn by men in Amsterdam set it apart from most cities in the world. Dutch men are also not afraid to combine their stylish shoes with boldly coloured jeans.


2. Original combinations women

The trend of wearing leopard print patterned clothing outside of strip bars and brothels have truly become a global phenomenon. (Or virus). However, there is no other city in the world where leopard print is so cleverly combined with other colours and accessories. Goed zo Amsterdam!

Leopard print leggings and Uggs

An example of the bold combinations one often sees in Amsterdam


3. Original combinations men

This inspired look, originally seen in the Zuidas area of Amsterdam is becoming increasingly popular around the world.  When it comes to male business wear in Amsterdam it’s a case of fifty shades of blue. Lovely!

blue suit and brown shoes



4. Best casual combinations women

The Dutch have a great word ‘waarom’ which means why? One might indeed ask why. The answer is ‘because it looks good and breaks boundaries’. Boundaries of good taste perhaps? Well, one of the reasons that the Jury awarded Amsterdam the most fashionable city in the world precisely due to seeing so many stylish women wearing flared jeans. Often daringly combined with white sneakers or Dr Maartens boots.

5. Best casual combinations men

Men in Amsterdam lead the world with their dapper appearance. Whether hard at work in the Zuidas until 5.29pm or sitting with friends in the Vondelpark bitching about kut expats, they always look good. As Madonna sang in one of her classic songs, “Jeroen, strike a pose”.

dutch trendy male bingo meme

Dutch men are global trendsetters


Amsterdam truly is the most fashionable city in the world.

No opticians were hurt during the writing of this post.

With special thanks to Christopher from the blog Dutch feet.