Life With A Dutch Woman

An expat reader wrote to me recently, “Shallow Man, I’m dating a Dutch woman at the moment. She’s suggested that we should live together to save money on taxes. At the moment things are fine, especially as with her busy schedule I only get to see her when she’s in the mood for some intense bedroom aerobics or if she needs me to drive her somewhere. What can I expect if we actually live together?”

Dear expat reader, I’m glad that you asked for my advice. The fact that you’ve managed to get a Dutch woman as a partner probably means that you’ve read my post, ‘seven things you need to know about dating Dutch women.’ If you’re planning to take the next step, then be prepared to be a slave to her agenda. You’ll also need to be understanding as with such a busy schedule, she’ll often be stressed. Make sure that you’re there with a kind word, some bitterballen and a packet of cigarettes to help her relax.

Here’s an insight into life with a Dutch woman.

The things I do for my readers

Life with a Dutch woman diagram


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