Dutch Government Press Conference

This evening, the Dutch government announced additional emergency rules intended to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

Due to the anti-social and irresponsible behaviour witnessed this past weekend, where in spite of the threat of Covid-19 people flocked to the beaches, markets and forests and failed to keep 1.5 meter apart, new rules will be introduced tonight.

1. All public events cancelled until June 1st

Previously, events of more than 100 people were banned.

2. Fines of up to 400 euros if people are less than 1.5 meters apart

Keep your distance. Gemeentes in the Netherlands will have the authority to fine people who ignore the 1.5 meter rule.

If as the weather gets warmer people still flock to the beaches and parks, the gemeentes will have the authority to hand out fines to people. They can also close beaches and parks in order to uphold public safety.

3. No groups larger than three people

Another thing that people can be fined for is if they are in groups of three or more. (This doesn’t apply to children or family)

4. All hairdressers and nail salons must close immediately

How they stay in business in the Netherlands is a mystery to me. I expect this won’t bother most people 😉

5. Flu

If one member of the family has the flu, the advice is that the entire family needs to stay at home. This doesn’t apply to people who have a critical job such as in the emergency services.

6. Food shopping

Shopping should be carried out alone.

The advice from the government is to stay indoors as much as possible and to only go out if absolutely necessary. The moronic behaviour of a minority of people this past weekend has lead to these new rules. Applause!

For the latest information about the coronavirus in English, here’s the official Dutch government website.

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