Lions and Antelope evening April edition

Following the success of the first Lions and Antelope evening,  I’m pleased to announce the second event which will be held on Friday,  April 4th at the La Vina Experience.

Social dining location

La Vina

Over a quality three course meal, Lions and Antelope will mingle, socialize and have a bloody good time. The Shallow Man will be your host for the evening and after each course, I will ask you all to change tables, thus ensuring that everyone gets to have a chat with all people present. If you come together with friends, I’ll be asking you to sit apart, so you have a chance to meet new people. Gezellig!

The event will be on Friday,  April 4th at the stylish and modern La Vina Experience where for only 32.99 you’ll receive a welcome glass of wine and a choice of the three-course meal below followed by coffee.  Tickets must be purchased in advance from the Shallow Man Eshop.

This is not a dating event, it’s a social dining gathering, and a chance to meet some great people from many different backgrounds, including that most elusive and difficult to befriend species of Lions and Antelope….. the Dutch! My previous event had people from Russia, France, Canada, the UK, Germany, and Ireland to name but a few.

The menu for the Lions and Antelope evening on Friday, April 4th

Fig, gorgonzola & walnut cake with zucchini salad

Braised veal slices with tuna sashimi and truffle mayonnaise

Catch of the day

Black Angus Steak, mash, and seasonal vegetables

Lavendel creme brulee



Dress code

Of course, there will be a dress code. No jeans or sports shoes. Please arrive and be seated by 7.15 pm on the day in question.  Looking forward to seeing you all again and hopefully some new faces too.

Antelope in conversation

Antelope in conversation

Looking forward to seeing you at my event.