The Shallow Man, while having narrow views on what constitutes being well dressed, and good places to eat in Amsterdam, is incredibly open minded when it comes to affairs of the heart. I recently reported my attendance at my first ever gay party, FTF. I had such a good time that I visited the follow up party and have invited the organiser of the event, Chantalle Laurent to write a piece about FTF, which is held at the secret bar in the Pijp. Over to Chantalle.

Through the magic door

When the end of the afternoon arrives I’m preparing myself for a power nap. I call it: siesta before fiesta. I do get the Spanish haste mañana vibe. These short but powerful recharging moments make me feel much more relaxed and at the same time energised again to start off my night. Plus I love my beauty sleep. When I wake up again I’m ready to get back online and I switch off my flight mode. See my phone also needs a bit of rest, because as soon as it’s on, new guest list requests are waiting in line. I kick myself out of bed, have a quick bite to eat and jump in the shower. Showtime baby, here we go!

My fake-furry jacket is looking at me like “wear me, wear me!” I’m so huggable and rock ‘n roll at the same time. That will perfectly fit the dress code for tonight: “come as you are”. That feeling when you take last one look in the mirror and give a smile to yourself like “hey, look at me”;) or when take that selfie cause you’re happy with the world, the universe and yourself.

The fake fur was saying "wear me, wear me"

The fake fur was saying “wear me, wear me”

Making an entrance

Ready to go! The taxi arrived: “where to go lady?” When I tell him the address he smiles. I know, it’s just around the corner, but darling, look at these heels. Now just take me there please. I walk into the burger bar, the people eating  stare at me, some with mouths wide open. Probably thinking where the fuck is she going? Making burgers looking like that? Don’t worry dears, I’ll disappear for a few hours to a very nice place, where my outfit will make me fit chameleon like into the beautiful surroundings that exist behind the magic door.  It makes me feel as if I’m in the Chronicles of Narnia, only instead of a wardrobe there is a freezer door sealed with a password, known only to the chosen few.

High Heels

Try walking through Amsterdam in these heels


The surprise effect 

Ok, last preparations before we open at 8pm. The first guests are escorted to their tables for a hearty dinner or to make sure they have the best spots at the bar. I can tell straight away if you’re entering for the first time. Ow yes, such a delightful surprise! It looks like everybody left their phones at home. Instead of hanging out on the couch all night with the Sunday night blues, this crowd – gay, lesbian,  or with minds wide open – are spending their last hours of the weekend catching up with friends or mingling with new people while sipping delicious drinks and some of the best cocktails that you’ll find anywhere.  I’m flitting around like a butterfly, from one beautiful flower to another, socialising with people that are so friendly, engaging, vivacious, stylish and scintillating.

FTF has great atmosphere and people

FTF has great atmosphere and people

At one am the lights go on. Yes, time flies but at least you saved your ass if you have to wake up early on Monday morning. In case you forgot about that for a while, that’s what I aimed for. To provide you with an unforgettable experience and for a moment to forget about the time and the day. Now I need my beauty sleep again darlings, so I thank you for the amazing night, but most of all for your gratefulness and enthusiasm to be a part of it!


Curious? You’ll need a reservation in advance if you want to get into this inner sanctum.


The next FTF ‘Easter Candy’ will be Sunday April 13th. Contact: Chantalle Laurent on Facebook


… and remember: “What happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors”

Thanks to the lovely Chantalle for this piece.