How to dress up

My first time

There’s a first time for everything. The first kiss with a boy, with a girl, or with a boy and girl together. First date, first time to get laid – sorry make love -, first time on 15 cm high heels and… me as a drag queen. Well, I’ll get back to you on that later. Let’s start from the beginning / first things first.

Regina Brett once said “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up” – I do agree that’s the spirit!

One of the reasons I started throwing parties was so that people would have a good excuse to dress up again. Somehow I believe that too many people are still afraid to dress up and stand out and get lost by perfectly blending in with the crowd.

It looks as if the Dutchies always need a special occasion to prettify themselves. A good example is the “Vogue Fashion’s Night Out” where the city streets (at least the PC Hooftstraat) turns out to be a real runway. It’s amazing how the Dutch saying: ‘doe maar normaal dan doe je al gek genoeg’ (If you just behave normally, you are already weird enough) suddenly seems to fade away into a colourful ocean of uniqueness.


Dress up at the Butcher

Private Party ‘FTF 1 year Anniversary’ at Amsterdam’s secret bar The But**er


It’s too easy to blend in so dress up and don’t be boring

My dressing up started as a gift to myself and a brilliant way to surprise my lover.

I wrap myself in the outfit I have selected like a beautiful package and like a cherry on top I pick an intense colour to emphasize my lips. A strong mark of eyeliner and a bit of eyeshadow.

Almost ready. Let me look once again in the mirror, I mean for real. Not to check if my makeup is still fine but see a new invention I created for myself. I’m always excited to see the results because I know that each time I’m going to look completely different.

I guess I fell in love with transformations which I have always admired from my biggest inspiration, Mr David Bowie.

How to look good:

1. Take your time and skip outfit stress

Always calculate a bit more time than expected as with just a little mood swing, outfit stress causes chaos and within a few seconds, your room looks like a bomb has gone off. Always make sure you have a plan B if your first outfit doesn’t work out. Or ladies, better I would advise you to have a plan C 😉

2. Think colorful

Select a dress or an outfit based on the mood you are in at the time. A colour adapts to your energy like a chameleon to its environment, so pick it well. Remember the guy who has written the song Lady in red. He got bedazzled by the colour. If you doubt, go for black. Safe and sophisticated.

3. Keep it simple

It doesn’t all have to be expensive to get a fashionable look. Just mix and match in order to create your style. If a top and pants will give you too many options, try to put on a dress or jumpsuit and you will be finished with one great fashion item. Simple as that.

4. Shine bright, like a diamond

Accessories add excitement to any plain top or dress. They could steal the spotlight. Make use of it but just take care you are not going to look like a Christmas tree.

5. Less is more

Take this one literally. Don’t be afraid to show off legs and arms. Same counts for your décolletage. If you believe too much skin will be visible, wear sexy lingerie or a bra with lace that will just stick out above your top or dress.

6. Take a look in the mirror, for real

Now the effort you have put into dressing up may be worth the result! So don’t mind taking a shameless selfie to capture your look. Instagram is great to post and discover the finest outfits and combinations


Dress me like I’m your diamond and I’ll be your muse

When I started hosting my first parties/ appearing on a lot of events (working in the nightlife) I had to use my own creativity with the assistance of my dearest BFF (read here how he also taught me to wear high ass killer heels:

Now, where would a true Cinderella be without the help of one of her favourite fairy godmothers of all time: Bjorn van den Berg, who’s well known for his exclusive designer couture and styling for video productions, fashion shows and various artists and celebrities. We share a mutual love for black and over the top gold or silver features. Wearing ‘Bjorn’ makes me feel like I have walked right out of a film set of Gladiator vs. Species or am going on stage as Madonna’s sister from another mother with the most iconic corsets that will eat Jean Paul Gaultier’s’ heart out.

Since I wear every outfit only once I’m honoured to receive the help of many other fairy godmothers.

Post-transformation outfits



Dressed up at the Butcher

Private Party ‘FTF ADE Rehab’ at Amsterdam’s secret bar The But**er


Bjorn van den Berg jewelry

Private Party ‘FTF The September Issue’ at Amsterdam’s secret bar The But**er






This weekend, naughty Cinderella is planning to miss her fine golden coach so she can jump into her pumpkin which will take her to the most extraordinary open-minded Halloween party of Amsterdam ‘Kiss Bang Affair goes Dragoween’!

With just a little inspiration of drag queen Sharon Needles, Styn (my dearest co-host of Kiss Bang Affair) and I came up with the idea to create a special edition where our everyone will be able to take dressing up to a next level, whether you go in drag, a Halloween costume or just as you: don’t hold yourself back!

Now for everything, there is a first time. Ferry van der Nat transformed Styn and I into drag queens and took this amazing photo below. See if you can recognise us. Incredible what makeup and wigs can do!

I believe we ladies can learn a lot from drag queens. The way they walk on killer heels, proud and elegant with a fierce attitude, not even to mention the art of using makeup and crafting amazing wigs: they literally blow us away! Respect to that!

dressed up as drag quens

Guess who?

Join the party this Saturday at Club ABE… if you dare 😉

International Superstar Drag ✯ Jodie Harsh (UK) ✯ also known from the worldwide Club Room Service parties.
And one of our resident DJ’s ✯ Sebastian Vargas (BE) ✯ will totally dress up in drag as Vicky V.


Need Inspiration?

15 Fierce Drag Queen Transformations

Hope to see you at Club Abe on Saturday.

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A big thank you to Chantalle Laurent for this guest blog piece.