Healthy Dunkin Donuts “Restaurant” Opens In Amsterdam Zuid

Dunkin Donuts opens in Amsterdam Zuid on Wednesday, September 12th. The store will also be shared by Baskin Robbins who will sell ice cream. In spite of what you might think about them, they are apparently definitely not fast food. I know this because the Amsterdam Zuid municipal council has a strict rule that it will no longer allow fast food outlets to open in the area. In fact, a year ago they refused to give New York Pizza a permit to open. This was due to them being a fast food outlet and not a proper restaurant.  So it’s a bit of a surprise that Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins have not only been granted permission by the local council to open but that they will do so in the very same building where New York Pizza was turned down for being a fast food outlet.

Which brings me to the subject of today’s post, since when was Dunkin Donuts not a fast food place?

Dunkin Donuts opens in Amsterdam Zuid

The fact that Dunkin Donuts has received a permit to open in the Ferdinand Bolstraat means that doughnuts and ice cream are not fast food. I’m sure that the other restaurants in the neighbourhood are afraid of the competition.

Whatever you do, doughnut describe the super lekker nutritious goodies that will be on sale there as junk food. Nee! In fact, their doughnuts have between 230 to 490 calories. So for example, if you have their chocolate frosted doughnut, which contains 280 calories, you’ll only have to go cycling for 38 minutes in order to burn that off.  So in fact, if I cycle from my home in Ijburg to the Pijp, which takes about 45 minutes, wolf down a doughnut and cycle home again I’ll be fine. Lekker makkelijk and well worth the effort.

dunkin donuts assortment

Doughnut call it junk food


Eat doughnuts until your drop

With the opening of the Dunkin Donuts fine dining establishment on Wednesday, the first 100 customers will receive free doughnuts and coffee for 31 days! Which is fabulous. So if you have a partner who you’d love to get rid of but being of discerning taste you don’t fancy eating prison food, instead, you can advise them to get down to Dunkin Donuts before it opens to win the prize. Then they can happily eat themselves to death in 31 days. Win/win!

Dunkin Donuts opens in Amsterdam

Lekker gezond!

Why Amsterdam council Zuid approved the opening of Dunkin Donuts

No matter how you look at it, Dunkin Donuts sell junk food and should never be classified as a restaurant. Of course, I could be wrong, and in November when the Michelin Star ratings are announced, Dunkin Donuts Ferdinand Bolstraat could actually receive its first star. But somehow I doubt it.

I’m sure that the council were against it opening until they showed them the following culinary delight. The Amsterdam doughnut.

The Amsterdam Dunkin Doughnut

Only available in Amsterdam


No dentists or heart surgeons were hurt during the writing of this post.

Until next time, hou je snavel!