The 6th edition of the Hotelnacht is here!

During the weekend of 13 and 14 January, Amsterdam is once again a city for the real Amsterdammer. (Someone who lives in social housing in the centre of the city and complains about tourism). Some of the best hotels reserve their rooms, restaurants, and lobbies for the locals, they get to experience what it is like to be a tourist in their own city. (Without having to visit a coffee shop, pee in a canal, or visit a lady in the red light district). 

amsterdam hotel nacht

There are other ways of experiencing Amsterdam like a tourist

Locals only

Only locals will be able to book a room in one of more than 45 hotels, participants can go to around 65 culinary, cultural and creative events throughout the city. They can also take part in typical tourist activities, such as a canal cruise, a museum visit or a tour of the city. There is also room for a substantive discussion about the hustle and bustle of the city and the relationship between the citizens in Amsterdam and temporary residents.

Crowds in the city

Initiator Vincent van Dijk: ‘There is a lot of complaining about the increasing crowds in the city and it is good that this discussion is held. Sometimes we forget why Amsterdam has such an appeal to the tourist. It does not hurt to look at the city at a different point of view once a year. We should be proud of all that Amsterdam has to offer. Thanks to these ‘kut-tourists’ Amsterdam has received fantastic bars, restaurants, and lobbies. Thanks to all new hotels, the quality of the city-centre have improved considerably and other districts are being developed at a rapid pace. Amsterdam and the locals benefit greatly from this. ‘

New hotels

This year new hotels take part in the Hotelnacht, such as Twenty Eight and Hyatt Regency, but icons such as the Pulitzer, Hotel Seven One Seven and Hotel De L’Europe also show what they have in store. Rooms are available on the Hotelnacht website. There are three different categories of corresponding prices: creative (55 euros), premium (75 euros) and luxury (125 euros). Individual Hotelnacht-tickets (passe-partouts) can be booked for the different events for 22,50 euros.

Hotel festival

Hotelnacht is an initiative of HBMEO and emerged after trend watcher Vincent van Dijk slept in all hotels of Amsterdam for a year. The event is made possible by the participating hotels and partners and has grown into a successful hotel festival that is expected to bring about 10,000 more people.

For more information check out their website:

No tourists were hurt during the writing of this post