The Airbnb Gravy Train in Amsterdam is leaving the station

Today in Amsterdam, Dutch property owners, who are not usually the most touchy-feely of people have been openly bursting into tears and hugging complete strangers. The reason for this is that Amsterdam City Council announced that the maximum number of days that apartment owners can sublet their homes on Airbnb will be reduced from 60 to 30 days in 2019.

Cry me a river

The decision to reduce the maximum time allowed for Airbnb rentals in Amsterdam is, of course, a tragedy for the many homeowners in Amsterdam that actively enriched the city (and themselves) by subletting their homes to tourists.

airbnb rentals in Amsterdam rule changes 2017

I can only sublet my apartment on  Airbnb for 30 days a year!


While extremely profitable for homeowners, common complaints made by residents of Amsterdam about Airbnb were:

  • Tourists making lots of noise in old buildings with incredibly thin walls (Something the incredibly quiet Dutch would never do*). *Sarcasm
  • The annoying sound of roll suitcases rattling along Amsterdam streets day and night
  • Residential apartment buildings being turned into accommodation for tourists thus also changing the atmosphere of both homes and neighbourhoods
  • Local shops being replaced by establishments catering for tourists

Over 19,000 apartments were available for rental in Amsterdam on Airbnb in 2017, which has contributed to the increase of tourists in the city.

Airbnb in Amsterdam

Airbnb tourists enriching Amsterdam

Advantages of Airbnb rentals in Amsterdam

There are, of course, some people (mainly Airbnb hosts) that will talk about the positive aspects of being able to rent out their properties via Airbnb”

  • Positive for the apartment owners bank balance
  • The money made by Airbnb hosts is redistributed in Amsterdam with generous tips of up to 75 cents being handed out in cafes and restaurants
  • Due to the increase in tourism in Amsterdam many quality eating establishments such as waffle and ice cream salons have opened thus creating more jobs in the city as well as broadening the type of cuisine available to locals
  • Tourists spur innovations such as the world famous Amsterdam beer bike


beer bike amsterdam

Innovations created as a result of tourism the beer bike

What do you think?

Will the reduction in the number of days for Airbnb rentals in Amsterdam help solve some of the issues raised by those that complain about the impact of tourism on the quality of life in the city, or will the tourists simply stay in hotels if fewer rooms are available on Airbnb?

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