New Rules for the Biro Electric Car

If you’ve ever been walking along, minding your own business and then walked right into a hideous vehicle parked on the pavement, then the chances are that it was probably a Biro electric car. It’s been total anarchy with these things. They were also allowed to park anywhere free of charge and zoom along bike lanes at up to 45 km per hour.

I fought the law and the law won

A Judge has ruled that the Biro is not a vehicle for the disabled, but is simply a form of moped. This means that all users of the Biro electric car will require a driving licence, registration (number plates) and will no longer be allowed to park on the pavement.

Biro Electric Car

No more anti-social parking


New rules for Biro owners

Biro owners will have to park their vehicles in designated parking spaces and pay for this like everyone else in Amsterdam. They will also be banned from using bike lanes and will have to use roads instead. It’s not clear when the new rules will take effect but if you’re looking to buy a Biro then now is the time. Since the news was announced, faced with having to pay parking fees many Biro owners are selling them at quite a discount.

No anti-social people were hurt during the writing of this post.