Morning Gloryville Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, the Shallow Man has experienced many firsts. It was here that I attended my first gay party attended a wine tasting course, visited a coffee shop that doesn’t sell coffee, and several other experiences that are not suitable for readers under the age of twenty-one. Another recent first was going to a nightclub at eight in the morning.  There was a time when the Shallow Man used to come home from nightclubs when the sun was shining. Going to a nightclub in the morning rather than leaving it certainly was a slightly surreal feeling, which brings me to the subject of today’s post, Morning Gloryville Amsterdam.

What’s the story?

The Shallow Man reads the Dutch media, and couldn’t escape the coverage given to Amsterdam’s first drug-free, morning rave, Morning Gloryville.  Yoga was never really my thing, and rave culture pretty much passed me by, however like a Dutch girl meeting an expat for the first time in a bar, I had to stick my nose in and find out absolutely everything there was to know about this event.

The Shallow Man firmly believes in dressing appropriately for every occasion, but what to wear to a morning gloryville party?  I opted to leave the three piece suits at home, and instead put on my usual jogging outfit.

So at a time when people are normally getting ready for work, the Shallow Man took a tram to Amsterdam West and headed to Club Lite, the venue hosting the event. The things I do for my readers!

Enter the madding crowd

I was filled with anticipation.   The sound of booming music could be heard as I approached.  Outside the club on the street were a bunch of chalk drawings and lots of people hanging around smoking and chatting. I headed up a flight of stairs,  the music became louder and as I entered the main room of the event, sensory overload. Bright colours, a throng of people, one great warm mood.

“Let me take you to a place where membership’s a smiling face” That was the opening line of a popular song from the Shallow Man’s salad days and it fit perfectly to morning gloryville. Booming house music and an entire array of smiling happy people, dancing like it was 1999 and all before nine am.

Morning gloryville people dancing

Partying at 8am

Free hugs

I was welcomed by a complete stranger with a hug. They have a hugging station! Fabulous, if Mohammed Deif (the head of Hamas) and Benjamin Netanyahu (Current PM of Israel) attended a morning gloryville party and were forced to hug, I’m sure the situation could be peacefully resolved. In addition to free hugs, there was also foot and shoulder massage, and Yoga. Just what you need first in the morning, or just get out on the dance floor and lose yourself in the music.

Joyce Mercedes DJ morning gloryville

Great music played throughout the party

Foot massage Amsterdam morning gloryville

Those dancing feet need a massage

Where were the Lions?

The crowd was predominantly female. Where were the Lions? Happy huggy, dancing Antelopes were everywhere, men were significantly outnumbered. There were people of all ages and backgrounds there, from Laren posh to Amsterdam East salt of the earth. Some people even brought their kids along who appeared to have a ball joining in with all the adults enjoying themselves.

Dancing in the morning at Morning Gloryville Amsterdam

This is how I like to start my day

Let yourself go

It was great seeing a bunch Amsterdammers just letting themselves go and getting into the spirit of things. Talking about spirits, there’s no alcohol, just smoothies, coffee and you can even have a healthy breakfast there. I had a great time, it’s yet another experience that has made my time in Amsterdam a sheer joy, at least for me, perhaps not for the people that I know 😉

A big thank you to a fellow Amsterdam Blogger whose article made me want to check it out in the first place. The Shallow Man will be attending more morning gloryville events in the coming months. If you fancy doing something different, I suggest that you give it a try, it’s a unique experience.



No Antelopes were hurt during the writing of this review