5 Reasons to learn Salsa Dancing

The Shallow Man while making some ‘observations’ about a salsa dance routine I witnessed on one of the many dancing ‘talent’ shows, was challenged to go and try out a salsa dancing class.

Many, many years ago I attended a couple of salsa dancing classes in a now sadly defunct Latin restaurant that was on the Heinekenplein in Amsterdam. It was back then, after attending some classes and having not really got the hang of the basic steps that a doctor officially diagnosed me as having been born with two left feet. This excused me from any further embarrassment on the dance floor.

Never being one to back down from a challenge, I went along with a friend to Swing Latino and had a tryout lesson and tentatively even attempted a routine or two. Based on this profound experience I can provide five reasons why you should seriously consider learning Salsa dancing.

The things I do for my readers!

1. Socializing

Even the shyest of wallflowers will blossom in a salsa class. Socializing is guaranteed. One of the things I loved about the class at Swing Latino was that you change partners more often than a member of a boyband.

salsa dancing at swing latino amsterdam

A fun way to meet people

2. Fitness

All that twirling around and attempting to get your feet in time with the rather addictive salsa rhythms is a great cardiovascular workout.


3. A Great way of meeting locals and expats

The Salsa class I attended was delightfully diverse, with almost as many colours as a packet of M&M’s. (Well not quite but you get the idea.) The lessons are given in both Dutch and English making it accessible to expats whose Dutch lessons might not have covered the finer points of structured dance classes.

Salsa Dancing in Amsterdam

4. It’s sexy as hell

There’s something delightfully liberating, and sexy about grabbing a member of the opposite sex and moving in tandem to pulsating salsa music

This brings a whole new meaning to the term salsa dip

Great to watch, even better to do

5. It’s fun, fun, and more fun

If you leave a salsa class without a smile on your face, then please immediately ask someone to check your pulse, as you’ve probably died. It really is just great fun.

There are lots of Salsa dancing classes in Amsterdam, and the Shallow Man is certainly not qualified to make a comparison, between them all, but if you fancy trying out a class then throughout February Swing Latino are offering free try out lessons. Enjoy

No people without rhythm were hurt during the writing of this post.

For a glimpse of what awaits you at Swing Latino please watch the video below, where even the Koen, a man who loves EDM is surprised that he’s able to pick up some basic salsa steps in no time at all.