The local Amsterdam Red Light District in Amsterdam South

I wandered through the market then headed towards the Ruysdaelkade to meet Richard at Café Binnen and Buiten. The Ruysdaelkade is an odd street of the kind that you can only find in Amsterdam. It’s part residential, but also between where the street starts at the Ceintuurbaan to the junction of the Albert Cuypstraat it’s also a mini red light district. Two or three floors of windows occupied by an assortment of multicolored women of the world with more colors than a packet of M&M’s provide services of the bedroom kind 24 hours a day all year round. The red light district windows are closed off at either end of the street by an assortment of Bars and a swanky upmarket Asian fusion restaurant.
Red light district Amsterdam Ruysdaelkade

The Red light district in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s other red light district

Gathered near the windows full of scantily clad working ladies, like animals around some African watering hole, were a group of guys shouting, laughing and sneaking glances at the ladies. A couple of women parked their bikes on the street in front of the windows, while embarrassed looking men exiting the rooms held their heads down to avoid the knowing gaze of the women and scurried away like cockroaches disturbed by a suddenly switched on light bulb. Never walk past the windows on a hot day; the rancid smell of stale sex fills the air. I also never walk past there at night, as just like watering holes after dark, the animals get restless.

The Red Light Street for locals not tourists

One of the common myths put about by local residents of Amsterdam is that the red light district is used mainly by tourists. While this might be true for the famous location in the center of the city, the Ruysdaelkade red light district is mainly frequented by locals. Having said that, now that Airbnb has enriched Amsterdam by bringing tourists to neighborhoods that they wouldn’t have normally visited this may no longer be the case.

If you’re looking to see a smaller, more authentic red light district during your stay in Amsterdam that isn’t overrun with tourists then pay a visit to the Ruysdaelkade. Please remember that taking photos or selfies is strictly forbidden in the red light areas of town.


No tourists were hurt during the writing of this post