One normally peaceful man, who has often been compared with Mandela, the Dalai Lama and Gandhi, was driven to fight a war with invaders.

The comparison with the above figures is usually along the lines of “you are so annoying that even Gandhi would lose his patience and punch you.”

For the second night running, I was able to set a trap and kill another mouse.

Even if you don’t see mouse droppings anywhere, that doesn’t mean you don’t have them.
If you live in an old building in Amsterdam, the chances are that you’re apartment has unwanted late-night visitors.

The pressure of life

The pressure of life

Some tips for checking if you have mice in your apartment:

  • If you have a DVR recorder, check the programs that have been recorded
  • If any documentaries have been recorded with titles such as the history of cheese, the peanut butter chronicles or the great cheeses of France you probably have mice
  • Forget buying crappy 1 euro wooden mouse traps. Baby mice are taught by their parents how to dodge those things as soon as they can walk. As the local mice are used to Dutch mouse traps, buy traps from different countries, which they are unlikely to have seen
  • Tips on bait to tempt mice. If you live in Amsterdam Zuid use Parmesan cheese or Brie, if you live in Amsterdam Zuid Oost use something from McDonald’s, if you live in Amsterdam East use Kebab meat, Amsterdam West, bits of food from FEBO.
Mice love parmezan cheese

Mice love parmesan cheese

  • Order a decent mouse trap from Amazon.