The Dutch government has announced the first code red alert since February 2012. It will start at midnight.

  • Up to 15cm snow is expected in some regions
  • Gusts of up to 90km per hour
  • minimal visibility
  • NS is running fewer trains this weekend
  • Jumbo and Albert Heijn have cancelled all deliveries tomorrow
  • Expect fewer buses and trams to run
  • Uber will definitely have surge pricing so he or she had better be worth the cost of the journey 😉

The Dutch are of course taking this news calmly with no sign of hysteria at all.

Empty supermarket shelves

Of course, this won’t stop everyone from cycling

The Dutch who are of course famously stubborn. Will ignore the code red, hop on their bikes (without crash helmets) and attempt to cycle.

people cycling in the snow
“Hou op met je code red, lekker weer hoor!”
photo credits middelveld istockphoto

One sad side effect of the pandemic is that if you fall off your bike while cycling in the snow, you can’t blame a kut tourist on a mac bike for running into you.

Enjoy the snow! No stubborn Dutch cyclists were hurt during the writing of this post


Until next time. “Koud Hè?”