The high-quality service of PostNL

In the past, the Shallow Man has written about the high-quality service of PostNL.

Based on personal experience, PostNL should have the following mission statement:

  • Develop community spirit by delivering packages to complete strangers, thus enabling people to get to know each other
  • Improve the health of our customers by ringing the doorbell once and forcing package recipients to sprint to the door by which time we’ll have left a card saying that there was no one home
  • Encourage people to get to know their neighbourhoods better by leaving cards claiming that packages were delivered to non-existent addresses

The service of PostNL reached new highs with the following discussion on Twitter:

An Amsterdammer asked PostNL the following question.

PostNL, don’t you think it’s a pity that the development of the lungs of my 1-year-old son are poisoned multiple times a day by diesel fumes? All in the name of your profit margin or do you plan to replace these poison busses with emission-free vehicles?

In a typical example of quality PostNL service here is how they responded.

We’re working on it. I see that you live in the middle of Amsterdam. Take a look on Funda for a nice house in the countryside if you’re so concerned about the health of your child.


The famous service of PostNL

Quality service


It was meant as a “grapje”

PostNL has deleted the insulting tweet and claims that it was not meant as an insult, it was only a joke. Hilarious! I’m sure the recipient of the tweet was rolling on the floor with laughter.

angry child

A future PostNL customer service agent


No PostNL customer service agents were hurt during the writing of this post.