It’s a gloriously sunny day in the Netherlands. Here’s an original idea. How about we go and visit some of the famous Dutch tulip fields? Good idea right? Wrong! The region Hollands Midden is specifically asking covidiots to stay away this Easter Weekend. Rot op naar je eigen area.

In spite of the many warnings to stay close to home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, that didn’t stop huge numbers of people storming the tulip fields as if free toilet paper was being given away. So today the Veiligheids Regio Hollands Midde issued the following tweet.

Rot op mafkees

Translation of the tweet

Stay away from the Tulip fields! We can’t make it any nicer than it is. Just DON’T come to the tulip fields. Yesterday was way too busy, as a result of this today and tomorrow the roads between the tulip fields are closed. It’s a pity that this is necessary, but health takes priority over everything.

What about the poor influencers wanting to film in tulip fields?

The victims of the tulip field closures are undoubtedly social media influencers. Whose importance in society is often overlooked. I spoke with one of the Netherlands top Instagrammers, Lotte van Rijke Ouders.

This is really a disgrace! This kut coronavirus is ruining everything. What are the authorities playing at? What upsets me is how ungrateful they are. Influencers like me bring much-needed attention to the tulip fields. I have a lot of international followers who love the 300 selfies I publish every day of spring from those fields. Before Instagram existed I doubt if anyone cared about them. Instagrammers like me encourage tourism. I mean let’s face it, there’s nothing else worth visiting in that part of the country. I understand them banning ordinary people from the fields, but they should make an exception for popular Instagrammers whose incredibly original photos and deep and meaningful captions enrich peoples otherwise dull lives.

Indeed it’s a sad day for lovers of Instagram photos of people in tulip fields. The way the regio is behaving you’d think that there was some kind of pandemic going on in this country.

istockphoto Natalia Sova
The sun is shining. I’ve been here for hours having photos taken of me with flowers

For those of you who love photos of various people in tulip fields check out this hashtag on Instagram.

No Instagrammers with an inflated sense of self worth were hurt during the writing of this post.