Hello dear reader. Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? Where a guy is cursed to live the same day over and over again? In a case of life imitating art, it appears that for as long as the so-called ‘intelligent lockdown’ lasts, that the authorities are destined to repeat the same advice every sunny weekend. KEEP YOUR DENIM COVERED BUTTOCKS AT HOME!

Yes, the weather will be wonderful again this Easter weekend. So the authorities are asking people to stay away from parks, beaches and forests. and to observe social distancing. In other words, don’t be a covidiot!

Covidiot Noun


Relating to the Covid-19 virus:

1. A self-centred moron whose motto in life is ‘me myself and I’. A narcissist that truly believes the warnings about social distancing do not apply to them. No, it’s for other people. They’re fine and healthy. The fact that they might actually be asymptomatic and have the virus is of less importance than meeting their likewise egotistical self-centred friends at the beach or the park.
“You see that group of Anouks and Jeroen’s? Smoking and shouting and sitting closely together? What a bunch of covidiots!”

2. An anti-social coward whose worst fear is running out of toilet paper, pasta, flour and eggs. Not only does this kind of person visit the supermarket as often as possible to buy up huge amounts of non-essential items they don’t need. They also regularly place such huge orders for groceries online that the supermarkets have to ration goods and limit the amount that can be spent per order.
“Did you see that guy taking 200 toilet rolls out of his car? What a covidiot!”
“That covidiot is giving their friends high fives”

Synonyms for covidiot

ASO, Pussyclaat, Fuckwit

Antonym of covidiot (s)

Responsible, Intelligent, Caring.

Covidiot party ended with fines

This week in Amstelveen, 17 students were fined 390 euros each for gathering together in the sun. The student union complained about this which led to the police releasing the following tweet.

The Police explained that only if a group consists of family members, registered partners or children, are they exempt from the rules of more than two people gathering together in public. In other words, have some cheese with your whine. The rule doesn’t apply to groups of students living together.

woman saying OMG
Yes Fleur, I had to pay 390 Euros just for a bit of sunbathing with my friends. Waarom is Nederland zo’n bekrompen kutland geworden …

No sunbathing covidiots were hurt during the writing of this post