The Expat Voting Guide For the Dutch Municipal Elections

If you’re not sure who to vote for here’s a brief guide to the political parties in the Netherlands. This simple expat voting guide summarises the core policy of each of the main parties in a simple and easy to read manner.


The yuppie/hipster party

Partei voor de Dieren

Four legs good two legs bad



“ik ben geen racist maarrrrrrrrr……..


Say it loud, we’re racist and proud!


Can best be summed up as, “when big business tells us to bend over, we reach for the lube”. I’d also add, “we can be just as tough on pesky foreigners as the PVV, honest vote for us, we’re big and hard and just as racist as the PVV, we just use nicer language to disguise it”.


We’re not racist maarrrrr, if you’re not Turkish, Moroccan or black…


A woman’s place is at home defrosting the pizza.


If it were up to us all shops would be closed on a Sunday and you’d be at home praying for them to open.


Kut expats! Driving up prices in Amsterdam, we need rules to protect Amsterdammers from the overpaid expat invaders!


Lentil soup anyone? Oh, I’m out of lentils, let me hop into my Tesla and drive to the Albert Cuyp Market. 😉


Party of mainly white social housing dwellers. Their minority voters have fled en masse to Denk.


No need to thank me.


No politicians were hurt during the writing of this post.