Code red weather alert but of course people are cycling in the rain

The KNMI, the Dutch meteorological institute has issued a code red alert due to the weather.

  • Currently, there are wind speeds of 118 kilometres per hour.
  • All trams in Amsterdam have been cancelled.
  • The Vondelpark has been closed and a number of schools evacuated.
  • All trains have been cancelled
  • All flights out of Schiphol are cancelled

In spite (or because of) this lots of people decided that today is the perfect weather to go cycling in the rain. It’s bloody dangerous out there. It’s the only time that the Shallow Man won’t make jokes about women with wet and unstyled hair, that’s how bad it is out there.  To those of you out cycling, I dedicate this song to you.


I’m cycling in the rain,

Just cycling in the rain,

What a glorious feeling

I’m saving money again


cycling in the rain

The media says that it’s a code red

But I’d rather end up dead

Because I don’t give a dam

You won’t catch me on a tram

I’m cycling in the rain

cycling in the rain with an umbrella in Amsterdam

Saving money is an art

Don’t waste any money on an OV-chipkaart

It’s my choice to choose

Spend the money I save on brown shoes

And my wife I know she’ll choose

Something with leopard print

So why waste money on the OV?

When she can cycle and risk getting killed with me

Yes we’re singing and cycling in the rain


Some suicidal cyclists might have been hurt during the writing of this post.

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