How to survive Storm Ciara

Are you prepared for Storm Ciara on Sunday? If your answer to this is, “storm what?” Then shame on you, for you are definitely one of those kut expats who doesn’t read the Dutch media or watch Dutch news programmes on TV.

What is Storm Ciara?

It’s the mother of all storms which like many bad things is on its way here from the UK. Windspeeds of between 120 to 140 kilometers an hour are expected which is pretty much the strength of a hurricane. But don’t panic. Here are five tips for how to survive the oncoming storm.

1. Use an Umbrella while cycling

You are the most important being in the universe and whatever you have planned on Sunday definitely can’t wait. So do make sure that you take an umbrella with you when you decide to go somewhere by bike as it will make a huge difference.

Dutch women

If you’re a Dutch woman and you manage to survive the journey by bike, do note that your hair will be wet and in a terrible mess. So business as usual then. 😉

Dutch men

Storm Ciara is a perfect excuse for you to apply even more hair gel to your lion king like hair. If you apply enough it might stay together. Doe maar.

cycling in the rain with an umbrella in Amsterdam


Don’t waste money on a crash helmet

Don’t whatever you do buy a crash helmet. It’s far better for you to be blown off your bike and crack your skull open than have people laugh at you for being a cowardly expat who is not used to cycling in adverse weather conditions.

2. Food delivery services might be delayed

It’s incredibly selfish but if the storm hits as hard as expected, the delivery folk of Deliveroo, Uber Eats etc might decide that it’s not safe to do deliveries. Which means that some of you might actually have to cook your own food.

storm ciara victim

The expat had faith that his meal from Deliveroo would arrive eventually

3. Use Public Transport

The Netherlands has the most reliable public transport system IN THE WORLD. They won’t allow a silly little thing like a major storm to delay their services. My only advice is to take something to eat and drink with you while waiting for trains and buses that might have a slight delay.


4. Use the weather to your advantage

With a horrendous storm coming, use this as an excuse to the get the person you’ve been flirting with on Tinder back to your love nest for some quality Netflix and chill time.




cycling in the rain

Anouk, no wind or rain, will stop me baby! Ain’t no fietsbridge high enough to keep me from getting to you


No weather forecasters were hurt during the writing of this post