Rotterdam First Gemeente to Ban Fireworks on NYE

What does it take to get a firework ban in the Netherlands?

  • An estimated 16 million euros worth of damage
  • Several firework-related deaths
  • wreckless attacks on first responders

It’s taken all of the above to convince the VVD the party in power in Rotterdam to introduce a complete ban on the sale of consumer fireworks. Meanwhile, in spite of the carnage that has become common here in the Netherlands on New Year’s Eve, the Dutch Government is still making mealy-mouthed excuses and attempting to pass the responsibility for firework safety onto the city councils.

pigs flying as Rotterdam bans fireworks

Pigs actually do fly

According to the government, only ‘dangerous’ fireworks should be banned

There is some half-arsed discussion going about only banning ‘dangerous’ fireworks. Ignoring the fact that even a basic firecracker can be pretty dangerous if thrown into the face of a passing pedestrian or cyclist.

Thankfully, the Rotterdam VVD has come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to make a determination on which fireworks are dangerous so has therefore decided to ban the sale of all fireworks to consumers in Rotterdam!

NYE is a terrible time for animals.



Maarrrrr het is een traditie

Yes, there will be a lot of people whining about traditions and making silly comparisons of banning fireworks with the prohibition of alcohol or loss of human rights. To this, I’d simply say that when your ‘human rights’ involve scaring the hell out of animals, blowing up peoples cars, scooters, starting fires and hurling mini explosives at ambulance and fire crews as well as causing fatalities then surely enough is enough?

Meanwhile, the PVV, CDA and VVD appear nationally to be more concerned about losing votes than public safety. If you’d like to see the sale of fireworks to consumers in the Netherlands banned, sign this petition which at the time of writing has over 419,000 votes.

No Rotterdammers were hurt during the writing of this post, a lot less of them will be hurt this New Year’s Eve thanks to the firework ban. Goed zo!