Bekende Nederlanders selfless heroes

In the Netherlands a term you’ll come across more often than necessary, is ‘bekende Nederlander’. This refers to people who are not exactly A or B listers, but are well known for appearing in irritating TV commercials, presenting second rate TV shows, or had a few hits in the pop charts back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

The people of the Netherlands, in spite of their reputation for being tighter than a fleas purse, regularly appear in the top five lists of nations that give the most to charity. So the shallow man really has to ask if it is necessary to have endless announcements on the TV channel Nederland een, that numerous “bekende Nederlanders” are helping with the fundraising for the Philippines disaster?

Are bekende Nederlanders really necessary to raise money for charity?

Do the powers that be, really believe that without the assistance of some chap whose major acting role for the last ten years has been playing a simple minded, smiling, supermarket manager, or some dire one hit wonder who came second on a talent show, that the Dutch public will not freely give money to charity?

The evidence proves otherwise. The Dutch give big to charity and don’t need to be patronized by attention seeking bekende Nederlanders, whose best days, if they ever had them are well behind them.

One of the bekende Nederlanders famous for playing a Albert Heijn supermarket manager

Famous bekende Nederlander whose name I can’t remember

14 million euros have been raised so far, and for those of you based in the Netherlands contributions can be made to giro555. The link is below.

No second rate has beens were hurt during the writing of this incredibly short post.