For many reasons, the life of the shallow man could never be described as boring, and one of the things which contribute to me rarely having a dull moment is UPC Horizon.

Every morning, the shallow man walks into his living room filled with excitement. Will the service that I’m paying 79 euros a month for work or will it not? Oh, the thrill. I’m filled with nothing but admiration for an organisation that with much fanfare, last year launched a brand new media box and service, to replace the one that had actually been working very well for years. Upon “upgrading” to the new UPC Horizon service, I and many other customers, went through months of service hell, with the box freezing and crashing up to several times a day. We were promised that a new software upgrade would be rolled out that would fix all problems and make the service work, much like the previous box that it had replaced. Well, the upgrade duly arrived and while providing an improvement in the way the menus worked, I can honestly say that UPC horizon is still as shaky as an alcoholic behind the wheel of a car.

UPC Horizon fail

UPC Horizon, flakier than a box of Hagelslag

I’ve had to reboot the Horizon box every day this week to get it to work properly. Calling UPC support is as useful as a car with square wheels. The first thing they always advise is to reboot the bloody box. To make matters worse, I can’t even play Grand Theft Auto online for longer than fifteen to twenty minutes without being disconnected. Well, I’ve had just about enough, and in spite of the inconvenience will look at moving to Ziggo or another provider. I don’t enjoy having UPC take money out of the shallow man’s wallet, for a service they are barely providing.

UPC Horizon is a disgrace and the leadership of that organisation should resign, en masse, in shame.

The shallow man was inconvenienced by UPC during the writing of this post.