Dutch Culture for expats

Moving to another country, to study or to work, always brings with it a number of challenges. There are plenty of organizations, and websites, that will provide expats with information, on how and where to register, how to find a home, and provide assistance with other practical relocation matters. However, an area that is often overlooked, is how to navigate the incredibly complex minefield that is Dutch culture.

This is where the Amsterdam Shallow Man can add value. Having lived in the Netherlands for over eleven years, the Shallow Man has become a trusted advisor to many expats on the complexities of life in the Netherlands. Over 18,000 people follow the Amsterdam Shallow Man Facebook page, for my unique take on life in the Netherlands through the eyes of a sarcastic expat.

I’m pleased to be able to offer tailor made seminars on intercultural relations and Dutch culture for expats.

In this unique seminar, learn about aspects of Dutch culture not usually featured in induction courses. The examples below are some of the topics covered. Please bear in mind that all courses are tailor made to fit the needs of your organization.

Working with the Dutch

  • Learn to love coffee
  • Learn to love bread and cold food for lunch
  • Work life balance and the Dr Phil and Sesame street test
  • We’re all equal and why meetings take three times as long as they should
  • Smoking and it’s importance when networking in the office
  • Why it’s important to learn Dutch, even if your colleagues refuse to speak it with you

Culture shock

Dating a Dutchman was a bit of a shock for the expat lady

Jeroen, those jeans are very…Red

  • Why is everyone wearing denim?
  • Why do so many men wear brown shoes?
  • Why do women prefer flat shoes or sneakers?
  • What happened to the curtains?
  • The natural look?
  • Doe maar gewoon?
  • Why are people so loud?
Dutch sorority girls being annoying

A group of Dutch sorority girls having a quiet chat about the state of the economy

  • Why is it so difficult to get the Dutch to speak Nederlands with expats?
  • Dating the Dutch
  • Dutch Tolerance
  • Are the Dutch rude or direct?
      • The oldest (and most controversial) question in the universe
      • Tell it like it is! Dutch directness
      • How the offensive is often unintended
How not to date an expat

Don’t wear this on your first date with an expat

The contents above, are a broad outline of the topics covered in my introduction to Dutch culture seminar, and can of course be tailored to meet your needs.

For more details about the Dutch culture seminar, click here to contact the Shallow Man