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The Hangover Comes Later/De Kater Komt Later

the hangover comes later

Dutch Phrase of the Week, the Hangover Comes Later If you followed the Shallow Man’s advice about Oud en Nieuw in the Netherlands, then on the first day of 2015, you may well have woken up with a hangover. If you were really lucky (or unfortunate), you might have woken …

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Dutch Idioms (with animals)

Dutch idioms (the animal kingdom) It’s time again for Dutch phrase of the week. The Shallow Man in his mission to assist expats anyway he can with integrating into Dutch society examines different aspects of the Dutch language. This week we’ll focus on Dutch idioms that use members of the animal …

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Essential Dutch phrases part two

Niet Leuk

The Shallow Man stands accused of being….shallow! In an attempt to explain to my readers the meanings of some often used Dutch phrases, I put together a post on the subject. This led to the following comment from a dissatisfied reader.  “This list is totally rubbish! Essential Dutch phrases and you …

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