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How to Survive Storm Ciara on Sunday

cycling in the rain

How to survive Storm Ciara Are you prepared for Storm Ciara on Sunday? If your answer to this is, “storm what?” Then shame on you, for you are definitely one of those kut expats who doesn’t read the Dutch media or watch Dutch news programmes on TV. What is Storm …

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Spot the Summer in the Netherlands

socks and sandals worn during summer in the Netherlands

How to tell that it’s summer in the Netherlands What a time to be alive! The big bright ball in the sky seems to be back for about an hour a day (and two on weekends, if we’re lucky). It means that soon enough, the summer season will hit The …

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The Netherlands National Heatwave Plan In English

burnt knees

The Netherlands Heatwave Plan The Netherlands has been experiencing freak weather for weeks. By freak weather, I am of course referring to a prolonged heatwave. At the time of writing this, it hasn’t rained for weeks. I see confused and shocked expats and locals on Facebook asking each other, “what’s …

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