Places to Eat in Amsterdam during a 24 hour period

There’s a huge amount of choice of places to eat in Amsterdam, the Shallow Man lists some of his favorites, visited during a 24 hour period.

December 19th

The Shallow Man started the evening at one of my favorite places to eat in Amsterdam, the La Vina Experience. I’ve used this place for two main purposes. Ending relationships and first dates. It’s an ideal place for both. They have a wine cellar that can also be booked for intimate meals. Ideal if the person you’re ending a relationship with is likely to make a scene, whether of joy or misery. It’s also perfect for first dates as it’s incredibly reasonably priced, has a good wine list, superb food and service and within walking distance of the Shallow Man bachelor paradise.

The La Vina Experience, one of the best places to eat in Amsterdam

The cellar is good for intimate suppers

I met two friends of mine and enjoyed a superb rack of Venison served on a bed of pumpkin flavored mash potato. My friends, being true carnivores had the black angus steak with pastinak. They assured me that the steak was tender as the heart of a 16 year old in love for the first time. The service was warm, friendly and efficient as always, a good evening.

24 hours activities

La vina, mooi

The Butcher Amsterdam

As described in a previous post, the Butcher is the Shallow Man’s idea of bar heaven. An exclusive, opulent and one could even say decadent little bar in the Pijp area of Amsterdam. It’s also the most exclusive bar in the city, one which the shallow man happens to be a member of. I called ahead and made a reservation, and armed with the password of the evening, entered the bar as easily as a gold digger getting her date to order champagne. The place was busy as always and never let it be said that I’m afraid to try new things. Fraser, the outstanding cocktail barman made me a Tom Collins which he informed me was made with gin, lemon juice and sugar. Refreshing and addictive. We ended up having a conversation with a delightful group of ballet dancers, one of whom was a Dutch chap currently performing at the Royal Opera house in London. The usual glamorous collection of Lions and Antelope filled the bar and several cocktails later and much happier than when we arrived, we ventured out into the cold and thus ended the evening of the shallow man.


The Only Business That Opens Your Wallet and Helps Itself

I am referring to of course, the dentist. On Friday morning I had an appointment with the dental hygienist. I’m always reminded of the exclusive shops, whose staff say, “if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.” The same principle applies to Dentists. You turn up, let them fiddle around in your mouth, without having the slightest idea of what it will cost.

Scandinavian Embassy

For lunch, the Shallow Man visited a relatively new local called the scandinavian embassy. in the Pijp. This is a terrific little spot where as the title suggests, specialises in food from Scandinavia. They also provide coffee matching with all dishes served. Being a healthy chap, I opted for the poached eggs with a Danish soft cheese and beetroot on a sour bread. It was delicious, they will be seeing my elegantly clothed self again. It’s quickly becoming one of the best places to eat in Amsterdam.

The Scandinavian Embassy Amsterdam, another one of the best places to eat in Amsterdam

It tastes a damn sight better than my photo


Slaving Over a Hot Keyboard

The rest of my Friday was spent slaving over a hot keyboard on another article that I’ll publish tomorrow over two women, one Indian the other American who married Dutch men and their insights into the Netherlands and life here.

No Scandinavians were hurt during the writing of this article.

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