Millionaire Makelaar

The current housing market in Amsterdam is great for property owners but a huge challenge for people looking to find affordable rental places to live. Of course, there are people who blame expats for this, but the reality is that it’s a jungle out there and as with any jungle, it also has predators.

Foute Boel

The SBS6 TV show Foute Boel recently reported about the activities of real estate agent Millionaire Makelaar. The company is well known to Meldpunt ongewenst verhuurgedrag an organisation where you can report problems with landlords of rental properties. In the show, they featured some of the following issues reported by some tenants of this company.

  • Being asked to pay the property tax of a rental apartment in cash in a car (secretly filmed)
  • Charging 1000 euros a month rent for a room which according to Iwoon should be 244 euros
  • Intimidating behaviour
  • Copy of rental contracts not provided to tenants. The contract provided to a tenant at a later date had different terms and conditions and appeared to use a scanned copy of her signature
  • Termination of rental contracts when tenants complain about extra fees or problems with the apartments
empty contract

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Naveen Garg the owner of Millionaire Makelaar complained to SBS6 about their coverage of his activities and has started legal action against them. He’s posted this response to the accusations made in the programme.

Google Reviews of Millionaire Makelaar

You can read the Google reviews of this business here. Many of the reviews are either extremely negative 1-star ratings or 5-star reviews that are incredibly positive. There are a lot of complaints about people not receiving their security deposits back without a fight.

Here’s a sample of some of the reviews posted on Google.

Google review of Millionaire Makelaar

review of millionaire makelaar



Do you rent in Amsterdam and have complaints about Naveen Garg and his company Millionaire Makelaar? Do you think he owes you money (for example your deposit or an illegally charged agency fee)? Contact Meldpunt Ongewenst Verhuurgedrag or a !WOON office in your neighbourhood, they might be able to help you out.

No unsuspecting renters were hurt during the writing of this post