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Romantic Things To Do On Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam

valentine's day in Amsterdam

Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam According to the Independent, Amsterdam is allegedly the most romantic city in Europe.  In an article written by someone that obviously doesn’t actually live in the Netherlands, they talk about the joys of spending a romantic lost weekend in Amsterdam. With that in mind, I’ve put …

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Airbnb rentals in Amsterdam Reduced to a maximum of 30 days

Airbnb in Amsterdam

The Airbnb Gravy Train in Amsterdam is leaving the station Today in Amsterdam, Dutch property owners, who are not usually the most touchy-feely of people have been openly bursting into tears and hugging complete strangers. The reason for this is that Amsterdam City Council announced that the maximum number of …

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Amsterdam Tourism the Solution

The Shallow Man loves Amsterdam like Dutch men love hairgel. I have more love for this beautiful city than Dutch women have for cigarettes. I have more passion for Amsterdam than Dutch people who say “if you don’t like Zwarte Piet rot op naar je eigen land.” My love for this …

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