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How to Dress Just Like a Dutch Girl and Make Friends

The Shallow Man was recently approached by an expat lady, who in spite of having lived in Amsterdam for three years, still hadn’t made and Dutch female friends. Upon listening to her sad story it quickly became clear to me that the root of her problem was actually that she …

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How to Become a Dutch Sorority Girl

How to become a Dutch sorority girl (if you must) The Shallow Man recently received the following message from a reader. “Dear Shallow Man, I know that you mainly advise expats, but as you appear to know so much about Amsterdam, I hope you can help me. I’m a Dutch …

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Dating a Dutch girl, the seven deadly mistakes to avoid

During the christmas break, in between hangovers and other activities, the shallow man reviewed the messages received from his expat flock during 2013, and came to the conclusion that the number one subject on which he’s constantly asked for advice is dating. This has led to me working on my …

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