How To Fake Being A Zwarte Piet Activist In Six Steps

By now we all know that supporters of Zwarte Piet can never, ever, be racist. In fact, it’s fair to say that people who criticise Zwarte Piet probably have a problem with black people. After all, who is more loved and successful than Zwarte Piet? It’s an honour in the Netherlands if complete strangers see a black person and call them Zwarte Piet. To be offended by such a thing is just proof that they haven’t integrated well enough into Dutch society to understand the national humour.

There’s now a Zwarte Piet Action group running around the Netherlands dressed up as Zwarte Piet. They’re not above making threats and bringing their political views into school playgrounds.

If you can’t do it, fake it!

In 2019 over 800 employees of the European Medicines Agency will move to the Netherlands. My advice to them is that even if they find Zwarte Piet offensive, to adopt local behaviours and pretend to be Pro-Zwarte Piet activists. This will make life so much easier for them. Here are the six steps needed to fake being a pro-Zwarte Piet activist.

Fake Pro-Zwarte Piet Activist instructies


Use some of the following phrases when discussing Zwarte Piet with the Dutch


No need to thank me.