How to get into nightclubs in Breda if you’re not white

What happens if you take three identically dressed white Dutchmen, Dutch-Moroccans and black men, and send them to clubs in different parts of the Netherlands to see if they can enter? That was the premise of a recent episode of Undercover in Nederland.

Which brings me to the subject of today’s post, how to get into clubs in Breda if you’re not white.

Groningen multicultural paradise

Undercover in Nederland sent the three groups of men to Leiden, the Hague, Breda and Groningen, and had each group attempt to enter five bars and clubs in each city. The only place where all groups could enter every bar and club on the list was Groningen. Clearly the bar owners and doormen of Groningen understand that being tolerant takes more than simply claiming that you are. Hats off to that open-minded and tolerant city.

No negers in a bar in the Hague

In the Hague, which is one of the cities in the Netherlands where the most expats live. Of five bars visited, the white chaps were able to enter all of them. The Moroccans were turned away from one of the five places, while the black gentleman were only able to enter two of five bars.  The owner of one of the bars that refused to allow the black guys entrance was unapologetic. This is what he had to say.

“From years of experience, we have had trouble with negers, they hassle our girls. Moroccans aren’t as bad, but the negers….”

The fact that it’s illegal in the Netherlands to discriminate by race apparently passed the owner of the bar by completely. Quite simply, because he’s had hassle in the past with ‘negers’, it’s ok for him to have a door policy that refuses to allow them in his bar. Leuk!

How to get into clubs in Den Haag if you're black

Welcome to Breda where it’s still 1951

Here’s some text from the Breda tourist board website.

A sparkling and historical city in North Brabant with a cheerful personality, that’s Breda! The combination of its rich history and numerous present-day activities makes Breda an inspiring city! During the course of years Breda has grown into a city with around 170.000 inhabitants. Her cosy city centre makes it well-organized and pleasant to be in. Talk with the “Bredanaars’’, let all the impressions move you and discover the true character of the city!
One day Breda is nice, but two days feels like holiday!

Discovering the true character of Breda if you’re black…

Shockingly, the three white Dutchmen had no problem entering all five bars tried. For the Dutch-Moroccans they were only able to enter two of the five bars. The black men were turned away from all five. A mixture of excuses were used such as “you’re not the public we’re looking for tonight”, or “we don’t know you, only regular guests can get in”. However, not being regulars didn’t stop the three white guys from entering.


Turned away from five nightclubs in Breda for being black

Turned away from five clubs in Breda for being black (copyright SBS6)



How to get into clubs in Breda if you’re black

So if you’re black, and you dress the same way as a group of white Dutchmen (with brown shoes and jeans naturally), then that’s not good enough for bar owners of Breda. Here are a couple of  tips on how to get into clubs and bars in Breda.

1. Dress in a way that won’t attract attention to your color

How to get into clubs in Breda if you're black wear klu klux klan uniforms

Dress in a way that makes bar owners feel comfortable


2. Go for the traditional look

Clearly the only minorities loved in Breda arrive in November and leave on December 6th. So dress just like them, and give the doormen some pepernoten.

How to get into clubs in Breda if you're black dress up as zwarte piet

Ha! They let me in because they think I’m white

3. Prove that you’ve integrated into Dutch society

A picture says a thousand words. Show the doormen this photo to prove that you’re not a threat to white Dutch women.

Interracial couple picture to prove that a black man is integrated in the Netherlands


It had nothing to do with discrimination

The fact that with the exception of Groningen, that the white Dutchmen had a much easier time getting into clubs than the blacks or Moroccans has nothing to do with discrimination. It’s just that as Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands once said,  “newcomers have to fight harder to succeed”.

To the black guys that couldn’t get into any bars in Breda, I personally think that you’ve had a lucky escape. Would you seriously want to spend your money in places owned by racists? I’d advise any people of color that might be thinking about visiting Breda to reconsider, and go to Groningen or Amsterdam instead.

No tolerant bar owners were hurt during the writing of this post.

Till next time here’s a message to the bar owners featured on Undercover in Nederland that refused to allow the Moroccans and Blacks into their fine establishments.

If rejected from racist nightclubs in breda say 'kiss my black ass'.