The Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam

Shallow men like myself are attracted to glamorous events like Dutchmen to cheese. The fine people of the Conservatorium Hotel were kind enough to invite me and a couple of good friends to their Vogue fashion night.

Due to the unusually hot weather, we’ve been having I opted for a combination of Karl Lagerfeld Jeans, and an Armani short sleeve shirt and an obligatory pair of Church’s boots. Not fully trusting the weather I also wore a beautiful black jacket with white piping from Circle of Gentlemen.

It was a superb event, with an incredibly glamorous crowd, which is pretty rare in Amsterdam.  The hotel was fuller than a mouse in a cheese shop. We started with a nice meal in the Brasserie, they have a hamburger that is so good that it would turn Vegans back to meat.

We then headed to the Tunes cocktail bar in the Hotel which in my humble opinion serves some of the best cocktails that you can get in Amsterdam. Not only do they have a good choice of Cocktails they will also make just about any drink that you request.

Due to the place being absolutely full, we had to wait a long time for the third round of cocktails. To the credit of the Hotel, the staff not only apologized profusely but also gave us the late delivered cocktails on the house. It was a good thing that I was sitting down when told this as I probably would have passed out in shock.

The hotel is beautifully designed with a sumptuous lounge, a fine brasserie and cocktail bar and great service.

If you’re looking for a fine experience with lots of luxury in Amsterdam, I highly recommend the Conservatorium Hotel.

I don’t even hold the fact that Justin Bieber stays there against them. I’m so generous.


A model posing at the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam

Strike a pose




The cocktail bar at the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam

The Tunes Cocktail Bar at the Conservatorium Hotel


Conservatorium hotel,

Van Baerlestraat 27 ,

Amsterdam, 1071 AN NL