Where to find ambitious women in Amsterdam

If you’re looking to meet ambitious women, the kind that set themselves clear goals and then set out to exceed them, my advice is to go to the Palladium restaurant and bar in Amsterdam. There you’ll find women who actually wear lots of makeup, nice shoes and clothes and display themselves like dummies in a P.C. Hooftstraat shop window.

These women are not just looking for any run of the mill man with a normal career but have with single minded focus, set their sights on footballers, gangsters or wealthy DJ’s, bankers and property developers. The men in question should also preferably drive a Porsche, BMW, Mercedes or any other luxury car that’s less than two to three years old, after all there has been a global recession.

As clusters of such women inhabit the bar, it often attracts not footballers, DJ’s and property dealers, etc, but men pretending to be such. Bottles of Champagne are ordered and paid for with Pin and Credit cards in the shaking hands of the owners, who try and pretend not to be nervous as they mouth a silent prayer to their God hoping that the transaction will be accepted. Groups of men then grudgingly share the cost of the Champagne which is then proudly put in the best spot of the table, strategically positioned to attract the attention from the gathered groups of women.

Much loud conversation is made by the men talking about their weekend homes in the south of France, how they had to pick up their cars from the Porsche dealership, the new Hublot watch that’s on order, but not yet arrived. Much posturing in the hope that some pretty, but cold and calculating not so young thing will suddenly show interest.

The men pose, the women pout and shout at each other as Dutch ladies are prone to do. When and if a woman shows interest in one of the men, the lucky sole must then go through an intense interrogation by the woman, reminiscent of the kind that takes place in Guantanamo Bay. The woman carries out a thorough financial analysis of the male also taking into account any future prospects. Within two minutes of conversation, she has placed him in one of several categories.

  1. Loser
  2. Has enough money to buy drinks for me and my friends for the evening
  3. Meal ticket, plenty of money, need to keep him away from my friends

Men that fall into category one are quickly dismissed. Those that fall into the second category are bled dry up to their credit limits with plenty of Vodka or Champagne ordered for the lady and friends.

The meal ticket, the true objective of every Gold Digger is an elusive and valuable subject, who the women will do almost anything for and to, in order to achieve their ultimate ambition, a life of ease and luxury, at the expense of a man.

The place to witness all this is of course at the Palladium Bar in Amsterdam.



If you dig hard enough you can find GOLD

No actual Gold Diggers were harmed during the writing of this article.