6 m² room to rent in Amsterdam for 878 Euros a month

It’s long been known that rental prices in Amsterdam are often outrageous. But today, a new low has been reached with a 6 m² room to rent in Amsterdam for 878 Euros per month! For those of you who are not versed in the metric system, 6 meters square equals 64 square feet. I assume that the landlord is looking for a petite individual who doesn’t move around too often.

What do you get for 878 euros a month?

Well, obviously you get the luxury of 6 m² to roam in. On top of that (please sit down before reading this) you get WiFi, cable, water, electricity and heating included. The luxury! But before you rush out and buy yourself some frozen bitterballen to celebrate, be aware that the costs are calculated at the end of the year, so you might end up paying additional fees if you dare to leave your heating above the Dutch national standard of 18 degrees during the winter months.

Additional costs

The apartment is furnished but apparently, the owner would prefer that the tenant pays for the furniture. Plus there’s a security deposit, just in case the reality of living in a shoebox becomes too much and causes the tenant to end it all. The additional costs are actually quite reasonable. Natuurlijk!

1,700 Deposit
878  rent
250 Furniture
2828 euros


What does a 6 m² room look like?

Here’s a picture of a hotel room that is exactly the same size as the one advertised to rent in Amsterdam for 878 euros per month.

This photo of Bed & Breakfast La Milagrosa is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Lekker veel ruimte! (Lots of space!) Perfect for inviting Liselotte, Floris and Anouk back to after a hockey game to drink some flugel and play a game of hiding the rookworst.

The conclusion

Even though I have no facts to support this statement I’m going to blame expats as high rental prices in Amsterdam are definitely their fault. I mean seriously, no Dutch person would dream of squeezing every last cent out of a room like this. Neeeee.


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6 meter square room to rent in Amsterdam

“It hurts me to accept so much cash for such a small room. Ha, ha, grapje!”