Just when I thought I’d seen all the terrible things that the Amsterdam room rental market has to offer! Then this comes along. It’s a sign of how bad things are for room rentals when what is basically a partition of a living room is offered as a room to rent. For 600 euros a month. Beam me up Scotty, because I must be living in a science fiction movie.

House milker of the year room ad

Odd room for rent, no registration. No real wall, but still fair amount of privacy. A fantastic and extremely light location. Marvellous view from the kitchen. Excellent breakfast, lunch and dinnerspot.

Shared toilet and shower (with 1 person).

Shared livingroom and kitchen with 3 proper English speaking students around 22. They also speak proper German and Italian.”

Don’t do it no matter how desperate you are for a room

I know that if you have limited financial means, that it’s really difficult to find a place to live in Amsterdam. But please, don’t be tempted to apply for this room for the following reasons:

  • The ad says ‘no registration’. Not only do you run the risk of being fined if you live there without registering, but it will also make things such as getting health insurance difficult if you’re not registered at the gemeente
  • The rental itself is illegal and the chances are that one day the authorities will arrive and close it down and you’ll be homeless
  • I’m all for multitasking but It has a toilet in the shower!

That a landlord sees no problem with making such an offer publicly just goes to show how screwed up the Amsterdam rental market really is.

No greedy landlords were hurt during the writing of this post

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