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Dating the Dutch is more complex than the Bolshoi ballet. Learn all about how to date the Dutch and their dating habits by reading posts in this section

Why I’ll Never Do a Dutchman Again


Dating a Dutchman? Never Again This somewhat controversial piece was sent to me a by a lady who I’ll call Dutch, Loud and Proud. The Shallow Man recently posted a request asking for contributions from guest bloggers and amongst the pieces received was this one. Now I’ve been procrastinating about publishing …

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Dating the Amsterdammer

Dutch boots

The Shallow Man continues with his series about our hero, the expat. In the previous post, the expat learned how to socialise with Dutch colleagues, so it was only natural that the next step in his expat journey would be dating the Amsterdammer, which brings me to the subject of today’s post. …

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Stuff Dutch Women hate

fruit bowl hair cut for Dutch women

Firstly, let me make something clear. The Shallow Man loves Dutch women. They are natural beauties. The most common ailment suffered by male expats and tourists when in the Netherlands is neck strain caused by constantly turning their heads to look at Dutch girls. Sometimes however, the Shallow Man has …

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5 Differences between the Dutch Girl You Date and Marry

The Dutch girl you date, the changes after marriage At the time of writing, the Shallow Man blog is a year old.  So to celebrate this momentous event I allowed my Facebook followers to choose the subject of today’s post. The choice was Americans vs Dutch women or the differences between …

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The Rihanna complex


There’s no escaping Rihanna. Like the smell of weed in central Amsterdam, she’s everywhere, on all forms of media.  She’s an expert in self-exposure. If there is a God, then at some point in the near future, the world will realise that she’s overrated with the same level of talent that …

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The Women of Europe SWOT Analysis

In the second part of the Shallow Man’s ‘let’s express opinions that have no basis in fact, and are entirely subjective,’ (business as usual you might say) I’m pleased to present a SWOT analysis of the women of Europe based on my own personal experiences. Now I’m aware that this might …

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Are Italian Men the Worst Flirters in Europe?

Italian men and flirting in the Netherlands The Shallow Man recently read an article on the Expatshaarlem website called “are Dutch men the worst lovers in Europe?”  I found this a bit rich, considering that the author of the post is from Italy. Using the same lazy and subjective methodology he …

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The battle of the sexes NL style

sexual revolution?

The Netherlands, so I’m repeatedly told is a country where sexual equality and female emancipation is the norm. Yet, even here, in the land of shouting warrior princesses, some of the same age-old discussions around what is considered “normaal” when dealing with the opposite sex rage on. The Shallow Man, …

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A reader writes, a real-life tinder date

real-life tinder date sweating

A reader writes, a real-life Tinder date The Shallow Man is currently residing in a village in France of 650 people. There is no Internet connectivity to the house where I’m staying, nor cellphone coverage. I appear to be the only person of colour for miles around, I suspect that …

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